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The subtle statements of an everyday cuff - like our baby earth mined ruby cuff, adjustable as always - see our fit guide for how to get your perfect custom fit!

2 rubies bead set on both ends of the cuff, the cuff has been hand drawn.

6.5" - 14/20 Gold Filled : 2mm width wire.

2 - 1.25mm B grade Ruby (diamond cut)


(same style as our Weston Diamond Cuff - our diamonds we use for Weston are a lower grade giving us the opportunity to retail for under 100 vs our natural earth mined rubies and emeralds are consistently higher as the limited amount required in the market.)

The bulk of what we work with is Gold Filled - learn what that means and why below...

Gold Filled vs. Plated or Vermeil.

What about our stones? Oh yah, they are all genuine, natural earth minded gems - read more.. 

JoeLuc material's.

See where your chain would hit or see how to properlly fit your cuff below..

Necklace Lengths & Cuffs.

Remember we are handmade, that means there is always processing time. Average time is 3-5 days after the order is placed. Please check product description for specific processing time for a made to order piece's!

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