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About Us

JoeLuc Owner and Designer Christine Zezza-Olson grew up in Hudson, Wisconsin and always had a passion well curated brands and lasting quality. She left to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California - this is where she honed in on jewelry and gemstones. There was a huge lack of information and transparency around the metals in jewelry selling at both large retailers and boutiques. Gold Plated and Vermeil products that cost as much as $500 were tarnishing quickly and causing frustration among friends. After being gifted a few incredible Gold Filled pieces, that 10 years later she is still wearing, she realized there was both a need and gap in the market for it. Chrissy decided to start making her own gold filled jewelry line, with the commitment to create unique, affordable & quality pieces, while educating customers about their investment & the industry. 
The name JoeLuc {joe-loose} is dedicated to the designer's grandparents, Joseph and Lucielle, who were always an inspiration. 
We are proud to operate out of our studio in Milwaukee, WI. 
For all online order & general inquiries:
For all online order & general inquiries:

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