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Jewelry Care

How to take care of your Jewelry.

Whether your piece is solid or our gold filled material the way to clean and preserve them are both very similar. Want to learn more about our quality of gold filled? Click here for our break down.

Gold-Filled best practices. 

14/20 Gold-Filled: Safe to wear in all elements, wearing in shower or bath is a great way of cleaning your chains or cuffs. 

Keep chains hung and separate when storing to avoid rubbing or abrasives that may damage your chain.

18/30 Gold-Filled: Remove when applying any lotions, avoid piling your chains together, try to store separately. Hanging separate is always best.

Avoid wearing when working out. 

DO NOT - use any lotions on your chain's. A lot of your daily lotions can be made with harsh sulfates you aren't even aware about.
Applying lotion over any gold filled chain's can lead to deterioration of the bond making it suitable for breakage. 
Our cuff's the 14/20 Gold Filled bond is much stronger and does not apply.


How to clean your jewelry?  

Use a soft bristle brush, hot soapy water + dish soap and brush it thoroughly - leave out to dry. * Only for 14/20 Gold-Filled or Solid*
*TIP -  A mini Ultrasonic Cleaner. This uses micro-sonic pulses while your piece is submerged in  regular tap water, shaking loose dirt and debris. This is AMAZING (super easy to use + easily fits on your bathroom counter) for rings, cuffs, necklaces + earrings - you can buy this on Amazon for $30 bucks here. 


The chain's can appear darker and dirtier with lots of wear, as the links can build up with skin products etc. especially IF you are wearing everyday.
14/20 Gold-Filled or Solid - you can use the same soft bristle tooth brush with soap or buy that Ultra Sonic Cleaner - you can literally use it for everything.


At Home
I highly recommend investing in a necklace form or you could use cute knobs from Antro to hang your necklace's on when they are not being worn. Try not to overlap - keep 1 necklace per hook or separate your plated trend jewelry from your everyday gold filled/gold chains - this way the metals don't cause any type of reaction to your current gold filled.


Use your drawstring pouches for your ring's, cuffs + earrings - don't throw your necklace's in there as they can become tangled and then break. Use your boxes to cinch your necklace chains securely in there. 


If your piece ever does end up breaking we are ALWAYS there to help with our 30 day guarantee policy + our lifetime guarantee, click here to learn and file a claim.  

* free shipping is USPS First Class Package *


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