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 {ee-lay} Hand drawn 1.5mm wire necklace. Adorned with 14kt set Mexican Turquoise stone with a 14kt triangle prong with natural Tourmaline. 

Size: 12.5" meant to set gently along the base of your neck.

Material: 14kt Setting, 14/20 Gold Filled 

Stone: 2mm AA Tourmaline, 2mm Natural Turquoise.

The bulk of what we work with is Gold Filled - learn what that means and why below...

Gold Filled vs. Plated or Vermeil.

What about our stones? Oh yah, they are all genuine, natural earth minded gems - read more.. 

JoeLuc material's.

See where your chain would hit or see how to properlly fit your cuff below..

Necklace Lengths & Cuffs.

Remember we are handmade, that means there is always processing time. Average time is 3-5 days after the order is placed. Please check product description for specific processing time for a made to order piece's!

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